They haue euerie weeke a great markets, where wine, oyle, and raisins should be bee marketed


They haue euerie weeke a great markets, where wine, oyle, and raisins should be bee marketed

not totally all their wines, many it keepe vnboyled, and so they yeerely make variety out of boiled wines, that they vse to install vessels, that will be thin at bottome, and you may large ahead. The folks associated with mountaine simultaneously try tall poore and you may beggerly, due to the fact a man could possibly get coniecture from the its apparell. They haue had continuall and ancient quarrels one of themselues, that make them in most cases fall together with her from the eares,177

His mountaine bordereth vpon Beni Achmed, & stretcheth in length almost ten miles. And you can betweene it and you may mount Beni Achmed runneth a certaine short riuer. The newest people are too much addicted to drunkennes, by the reason that their wine are so expert. Zero fruit expand vpon it mountaine however, onely great wealth regarding red grapes. Goates it haue which Tone continually throughout the woods, neither haue it all other flesh so you’re able to eate however, goates-tissue. We my personal selfe had high friend to the inhabitants, because of the reason that my dad got some property vpon the fresh new mountaine: but he rarely had one rents or money at the the give: getting these represent the woorst paymasters you to euer We knew.17S From mount Beni Mesgalda. His mountaine bordereth vpon the new mountaine last mentioned, and you may vpon new riuer out-of Guarga. The newest populace make high shop off water sope, to have they understand not steps to make difficult sope. At the foote associated with mountaine best hookup apps there can be an enormous airplanes owned from the certaine Arabians, exactly who haue commonly combates together of the mountaine. They shell out yeerly towards the K. from Fez a keen grand summe regarding mony, and it is a beneficial woonder to see in what this new exactions they are each and every day burthened. Within this mountaine are numerous Doctors of your own Mahumetan lawe, and you may diuers substandard people : which put the people in order to higher damage. Themselues forsooth often drinke wines, however they perswade the people it is vnlawfull getting them to drinke it, albeit some create giue him or her little credit. The populace associated with the mountaine shell out according off someone else zero high tribute, and that maybe, as they maintaine the foresaid Physicians and you will pupils.179

The size of so it Prouince try fiftie, additionally the bredth fortie kilometers

His mountaine standeth so neere vnto the newest territorie out of Fez, they are diuided onely by the a riuer. Every population create sope, of hence commoditie new king out of Fez reapeth sixe thousand ducates out of yeerely tribute. The fresh new communities on the mountaine are about four and you may twentie from inside the matter. All the corners thereof bring foorth corne and you can cattell when you look at the high variety, sauing they are either destitute out of drinking water. So it mountaine yeeldeth nothing, it is commodious to have mans vse. Out of Fez it is becoming ten miles faraway.180 Away from Garet, one of the seuen Prouinces of one’s Fessan dome.

The brand new people is actually verie rich and you may carrie all kinde out of products so you can Fez, in which it gaine incredibly because of the her or him

Auing demonstrated all the chiefe townes and you can mountaines of prouince regarding Errife, they now remaineth that individuals say a bit of Garet, the sixt Prouince from Fez. That it Prouince beginneth westward throughout the riuer Melulo, and you will bordereth eastward vpon this new riuer Muluia ; southward it is sealed towards the mountaines 2nd vnto brand new Numidian wilderness, and you may northward it extendeth towards the Mediterran sea. The new bredth regarding the region across the sea-shore stretcheth of the fresh riuer Nocor with the foresaide riuer regarding Muluia : the newest southern area bredth was bounded towards riuer Melulo, & westward into the mountaines from Chauz. The fresh new soyle is actually crude, vntilled, and you can barren, very little vnlike to your deserts away from Numidia. Great majority hath beene destitute regarding inside-


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